The Hill: Leftist organizations in the US urged Biden to abandon the so-called “reckless” rhetoric against Russia


Twenty-seven organizations, including several left-wing groups, issued a statement urging US President Joe Biden to abandon what they called “reckless” rhetoric against Russian President Vladimir Putin and instead engage in “constructive bilateral negotiations,” according to The Hill.

“As national organizations advocating for diplomacy, arms control, disarmament and peace, we are deeply alarmed by the recent negative exchanges between the leaders of the two countries, which hold more than 90 percent of the world’s nuclear warheads in their arsenals,” the statement said. …

“As Americans, we urge the Biden administration to stop engaging in such reckless exchanges of rhetoric and instead actively pursue nuclear negotiations with the Russian government,” they added.

The statement was signed by the Justice Democrats, Blue America, Demand Progress, Our Revolution, Progressive Democrats of America). They are all left-wing organizations.

The organizations called on Biden to follow through on his February announcement that “diplomacy is once again at the center of US foreign policy.”

They called on Biden to stop engaging in negative exchanges with the Russian leader and instead move to “constructive bilateral negotiations aimed at addressing unambiguous and urgent threats of a nuclear arms race that have never been more apparent.”

Earlier this month, Biden answered in the affirmative if he considered Putin a “killer”, noting that the Russian leader would “pay” for Russia’s operation to influence the US elections in 2020.

In response, Russian officials called Biden’s remarks unacceptable, demanded an apology from the United States, and summoned Russia’s ambassador to Washington to Moscow. Later, Putin wished Biden good health.

“The grassroots progressive base of the Democratic Party is showing zero interest in a militant foreign policy towards Putin or Russia,” said Progressive Democrats of America executive director Alan Minsky, quoted by The Hill.

“People need a safer world with international cooperation that will enable all of us to recover faster from last year’s health and economic disaster. Cold war-style saber-rattling, let alone balancing on the brink of nuclear war, drives us out of patience, ”he added.

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