The Keystone XL pipeline project finally failed

The Keystone XL pipeline project finally failed

The oil pipeline project fought by environmentalists has been finally called off by its operators. The Biden government had withdrawn its predecessor’s permission to build.

The Canadian group TC Energy has stopped the construction of the controversial oil pipeline Keystone XL under pressure from the USA. It had informed the government of the Canadian province of Alberta about “termination and exit” from the project, the company said on Wednesday (local time). TC Energy will coordinate with regulators, indigenous groups and other stakeholders “to meet its environmental and regulatory obligations”.

Starting in 2023, Keystone XL was supposed to transport around 830,000 barrels of crude oil daily from tar sands in Alberta to refineries in the US state of Texas. The Canadian government explicitly endorsed the project, the supervisory authorities had already given the go-ahead in 2010.

Environmentalists, however, repeatedly warned of the catastrophic consequences of possible leaks in the pipeline and fundamentally complained about the climate damage caused by the complicated process of extracting oil from tar sand. Indigenous groups whose territories the pipeline was supposed to cross also regularly mobilized against it.

US President Joe Biden then revoked the approval for the pipeline by decree on his first day in office in January, thereby delivering on a campaign promise. His predecessor Donald Trump had endorsed the project.

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