“The leadership would be insulted”: North Korea attacks the Biden government sharply

“The leadership would be insulted”: North Korea attacks the Biden government sharply

“Would be offended by the leadership”

North Korea attacks the Biden government sharply

US President Biden’s team has completed its review of US policy on North Korea. The tour in Pyongyang doesn’t like the result at all. She believes the US is preparing for a “total showdown” and will respond accordingly.

The North Korean State Department has sharply attacked recent comments by US President Joe Biden and US government officials on North Korea. The remarks indicated that the American president intends to pursue hostile policies towards North Korea, which will require a response from Pyongyang, a State Department spokesman said in a statement released by North Korean state news agency KCNA.

The US government’s criticism of the human rights situation in North Korea insults the dignity of North Korea’s supreme leadership, it said. This shows that the US is preparing for a “total showdown” with North Korea. North Korea will react accordingly.

The US Presidential Office announced on Friday that a month-long review of American policy towards North Korea had been completed. Accordingly, one relies on diplomacy and deterrence to persuade North Korea to give up its nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles. A great deal with ruler Kim Jong Un is not sought. Former US President Donald Trump had initiated talks with ruler Kim Jong Un about North Korea’s nuclear program and also met him personally. Little progress has been made on the matter.

The American government has not yet responded to the announcements. Sharply worded attacks by North Korea on the USA are not uncommon. Only recently, North Korea itself blocked diplomatic contacts from the Biden government. “We have already stated our position that no contact and dialogue of any kind between the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea and the US will be possible until the US withdraws its hostile policies,” state media quoted a senior State Department official as saying. Until then, Pyongyang will ignore any attempt at contact.

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