The main thing is no longer alone: ​​Lückenkemper relocates Florida to Chemnitz

The main thing is no longer alone: ​​Lückenkemper relocates Florida to Chemnitz

A trip to the USA is currently unthinkable for Gina Lückenkemper. She actually wanted to work on her form for the 2021 Olympics in Florida. In order not to have to continue walking alone, she is moving to Chemnitz for the time being. And met a good friend there.

Actually, Germany’s top sprinter Gina Lückenkemper would now train in Florida. But “actually” is probably one of the words of the year, at least when it comes to what would actually take place now. The Olympic Games, planned for the athlete as the highlight of the year, have been postponed to the summer of 2021 – and even on this new date, many who are in the know, it could be difficult with the world’s largest sporting event in Tokyo. But because almost nothing is currently going as planned due to the corona pandemic, Lückenkemper is relocating her Florida to Saxony, to Chemnitz to be precise.

There she is preparing for the coming season with her national team colleague Rebekka Haase. In addition to their love of athletics, the two also have a close friendship. Lückenkemper is “very happy” to be training in a group again, after having often stood alone on the track in the past few months. Or at least almost, because in an Instagram post she thanked her boyfriend, without whom she “couldn’t have got through this strange year easily”.

The 23-year-old traveled to Florida specifically to train in Lance Brauman’s group, which includes Noah Lyles, the world champion over 200 meters. “As soon as I can, I would like to go to the USA again,” she told the “SZ” and Sportradio360, “but I don’t know when that will be”. Therefore now the temporary move to Chemnitz, in order not to have to complete the hard units in the advanced training alone.

Lückenkemper’s plan to travel across the Atlantic and to the United States again on Monday is void until further notice. She is not alone with this problem, after all, she is not the only exceptional German athlete looking for a new challenge in the USA. At the beginning of the year, Malaika Mihambo joined the training group of the former superstar Carl Lewis in Houston as the reigning world and European long jump champion, but has not yet been able to fly to Texas. Runner Konstanze Klosterhalfen, on the other hand, has been training for a long time in Portland / Oregon with Pete Julian, who was previously part of the Nike Oregon Project, which was controversial due to doping allegations. Unlike Lückenkemper, she did not return to Germany in the spring at the beginning of the pandemic.

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