the network made fun of the poster with Tom Holland


The unsuccessful poster for the new film spawned many memes.

Tom Holland, 24, is already remembered for being the youngest actor to play the role of Peter Parker in the Spider-Man film series. However, the young man does not want to limit himself to one, albeit super popular role: in February 2021, the film “Cherry” with an actor in the lead role will be released on the big screens. It is an autobiographical crime drama based on the novel by military medic Niko Walker.

The designers of the poster for the film decided to play with the title of the picture and made the poster in red tones. On it, Tom Holland is seriously looking at the viewer, and this tension in the actor’s gaze is not without reason: the picture tells about the prohibited substances in the life of the protagonist, which forced the army medic to turn onto a slippery path and start robbing banks. However, the audience, having seen the poster, experienced completely different emotions. Twitter users have compared Tom Holland to Shrek and even managed to make a meme by comparing the cartoon character with the Spider-Man star.

On this, the fantasy of Internet users did not run out: a meme appeared on Twitter, the main character of which was Cher in his youth. Users stylized the photo of the young singer for the poster of the movie “Cherry” and asked if Holland was busy with biopics. “Starring in a biography about Cher?” They joked.

Photo source: Legion-Media

Author: Anastasia Khapova

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