The party paid for the renovation of Boris Johnson’s official residence

The party paid for the renovation of Boris Johnson’s official residence

The expensive renovation of Boris Johnson’s apartment continues to hit the headlines. Apparently the prime minister’s party advanced the money first. The matter remains uncomfortable for Johnson.

The renovation of the official apartment of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson was initially paid for by his Conservative Party. This emerges from a financial report by the central government agency Cabinet Office, which was published on Thursday evening. The document again raises the question of whether Johnson was willing to pay for the renovation himself. In the end, he had paid all the costs in excess of the amount of 30,000 pounds he was entitled to annually.

According to media reports, the renovation cost a total of £ 88,000, the prime minister paid £ 58,000 out of pocket.

Tories are said to have received money from major donors

In the 2019/20 fiscal year, renovations cost £ 28,647, which, according to the Cabinet Office, involved painting and sanding floorboards. The sum is covered by the amount to which the Prime Minister is entitled from tax revenues. “Additional bills for the renovation work on Residence No. 11 on Downing Street were received by the Cabinet Office, paid and then billed to the Conservative Party,” it said. The amount of these bills was not listed. After all, the “supplier” reimbursed the Cabinet Office for the money in March 2021, which was then repaid to the party. The Tories, in turn, are said to have received the money from a major donor.

Initially it was supposed to have been planned that a fund would be created to cover the renovation costs in Downing Street. According to a government-commissioned investigative report, Johnson acted “unwise” in the case but did not violate the code of conduct. The prime minister’s residence is house number 10, however Johnson, his wife Carrie and their son Wilfred live in the larger apartment of number 11, the official residence of the finance minister.

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