The Protection of the Constitution warns: Storm on Capitol could find imitators


Protection of the Constitution warns
Storm on Capitol could find imitators

The head of the Thuringian Office for the Protection of the Constitution sees the storming of the US Capitol by angry Trump supporters as the beginning of domestic terrorism. The action could have incited people in Germany. Kramer warns against “that actionists target politicians themselves”.

After radical Trump supporters storm the parliament building in the USA, the President of the Thuringian Office for the Protection of the Constitution, Stephan Kramer, fears similar actions in this country. The relevant scene in Germany of right-wing extremists, Reich citizens and conspiracy theorists now feel encouraged. From their point of view, it is not only possible to try something like this with us, it is actually necessary, he told the editorial network Germany.

Stephan Kramer himself reports threatening emails.

(Foto: picture alliance/dpa)

Regarding the multiple-casualty assault on the Washington Capitol, Kramer said it was “the beginning of home-grown terrorism” (domestic terrorism). This should be a warning to everyone, he said. “This is not a distant phenomenon; we are confronted with it directly. The pressure in the boiler continues to rise.”

In this context, Kramer warned against further actions like at the weekend when critics of the Corona policy posted themselves in front of the private house of the Saxon Prime Minister Michael Kretschmer. “We have to adjust to the fact that actionists target politicians themselves,” he told the RND. “It’s about intimidating decision-makers and showing that the state is incapable of protecting its representatives. We have an expanded circle of people who can be targeted,” he said.

He is also getting more and more threats personally, according to the intelligence service. “I am informed by email that I should make my will.” There are a lot of people who handle weapons. The pipe bombs seized in Washington were also used by the National Socialist Underground (NSU).

On Wednesday, angry Trump supporters broke into the Capitol in Washington after Trump incited them with his unsubstantiated election fraud allegations during a performance in Washington and called for a march to the parliamentary seat. Because of the riots, the congress session had to be interrupted to confirm Biden’s election victory. During the riot, a Trump supporter was shot dead by the police, and a police officer died of serious injuries the following day. Three other people died on the brink of rioting as a result of medical emergencies.

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