The Ring editor-in-chief: “Tszyu is a strength in the first middleweight division to be reckoned with


Doug Fisher, editor-in-chief of The Ring, believes that Australian prospectus middleweight (up to 69.9 kg) Tim Tszyu has established himself as one of the division’s key fighters in his recent appearances.

“I think it was perfectly acceptable for Tszyu to look behind Hogan’s back and target Brian Castano. He is a force to be reckoned with in the junior middleweight division and is currently ranked 9th in The Ring’s rankings.

It is with great pleasure that I watch his ascent and one day, I hope, I will become a witness to his fight. He has a fatherly physique and rhythm of fighting, as well as a tendency to economical aggression, which is accompanied by hard work on the body. However, he is still growing and will have to work on balance and movement if he wants to catch up with his father, ”Fischer wrote in a weekly column.

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