The Russian Foreign Ministry has responded to the EU accusations of disinformation on coronavirus

Russian Foreign Ministry WORLD NEWS

Accusations of the European Union against Russia for disinformation on coronavirus are cynical, said the official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova, at a briefing. Earlier, the representative of the European Commission, Peter Stano, said that, according to the EC, various “sources from Russia” allegedly spread conspiracy theories and disinformation about COVID-19 in the EU, without giving examples.

“We have repeatedly commented on such allegations by EU officials. We consider them not just groundless, but also unacceptable,” Zakharova said.

Moscow sees such allegations as “untidy attempts to distract its own public attention from the EU countries’ internal difficulties in fighting the pandemic,” she said.

She stressed that “such outbursts look particularly cynical against the background of Russia’s proven willingness to join efforts in the fight against the pandemic with all those interested in it.

The diplomat noted that Russia, like other countries, faces “biased publications” and “frankly fake news” about the epidemiological situation, with a significant part of them published in the Western media.

Zakharova expressed hope that Brussels will “stop spreading unproven anti-Russian myths.

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