the secret of youth Monica Bellucci revealed by the cosmetologist

the secret of youth Monica Bellucci revealed by the cosmetologist

It turned out that any woman can look no worse.

the secret of youth Monica Bellucci revealed by the cosmetologist

Monica Bellucci is an actress, model and one of the most beautiful and sexy women on the planet. But it is not even that strikes. The star is 57 years old, and she still looks young. An even complexion, blush where needed, a minimum of wrinkles, luxurious hair and a beautiful figure.

For this, most women are ready for a lot. But, if you believe the actress, then she got all this almost for nothing and she did not bring a single sacrifice to beauty. She has no plastic surgery, no strict diets, no expensive cosmetic procedures.

Just sleep, moisturizing the skin, a contrast shower and a little sports. But this is not entirely true. The famous cosmetologist Elena Kuznetsova revealed the secret of the star’s youth to the PopCornNews portal.

“These are all just fairy tales. A cold shower slightly stimulates microcirculation. Cryovannas and even cryotherapy are good. But it will definitely not fight wrinkles. There is a very rare percentage of the population who are unimaginative. It happens, but very rarely, “the expert noted, and noticed that the actress is not one of them.

According to the doctor, the actress resorts to quite serious cosmetology: “Peels, even retinol creams, are very strong and daily. There are such creams, which are put under the peeling, which imperceptibly peel off the skin. Yes, it may be imperceptible to others, But it is still cosmetology. “

And this means that every woman can look like Monica Bellucci at 57 years old. The main thing is proper care and a professional cosmetologist.

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