the star of “Crown” was thrown for money

the star of “Crown” was thrown for money

Actress Claire Foy was the victim of someone else’s oversight.

The Crown star Claire Foy was deceived by the directors. Foy hastened to share the most unpleasant story from her life with the audience through journalists. The actress first began to suspect that she was being deceived when, in 2018, she learned that Matt Smith was getting significantly more than her.

When this story got publicity in the press, the directors of the project had to make excuses. So, they said: Smith really got more thanks to Doctor Who, but later this situation will be corrected.

It turned out that despite the huge project budget, Foy earned only $ 40,000 per episode, which is $ 14,000 less than Matt Smith.

Shortly after the pay error was revealed, the producers announced that Foy would receive $ 275,000 in compensation for all 20 episodes. The scandal has become a shame, especially since the main character in the series is a woman with power.

On the Web, directors were hounded for what happened.

“This is outrageous,” “I would have just left Foy,” “Shame on the TV series,” they wrote.

It all ended with a big resentment. Claire herself later confessed: her eyes opened again. Now she will not let herself be offended, reports CheatSheets.

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