The star of the TV series “Arrow” was removed from the plane for a drunken argument with his wife

The star of the TV series “Arrow” was removed from the plane for a drunken argument with his wife

Stephen Amell was quick to defend himself on Twitter.

Arrow star Steven Amell was forcibly removed from the plane. According to witnesses, Amell had a loud scandal with his wife Cassandra Jean.

The star of the TV series

The passengers of the plane said that Stephen was drunk, and his wife hid her face in embarrassment all this time. The stewardess of the company repeatedly asked the actor to speak more quietly, but Amell continued to shout anyway.

The actor had to be removed from the flight by force. Cassandra and their friends flew to Los Angeles without him.
Amell was quick to share his version of the story on Twitter.

“My wife and I had a fight on Monday afternoon on a Delta flight from Austin to Los Angeles. I was asked to lower my voice and I did it. After about 10 minutes I was asked to leave the flight. And I did it immediately. I was not removed by force, ”wrote Stephen.

“It’s stupid that you have to explain, people have to go about their business”, “I hope that everything is fine between you and your wife! Disputes happen. For some people, emotions get a little out of control, it happens! ” – Followers expressed words of support.

A Delta spokesman confirmed the flight was delayed due to a riotous passenger, but did not blame Stephen Amell in particular.

Photo source: Legion-Media

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