the swarthy actress chosen for the role of Snow White is being hounded on the web

the swarthy actress chosen for the role of Snow White is being hounded on the web

Not all viewers liked the idea of ​​changing another character.

The dark-skinned actress Rachel Zengler, chosen by the directors for the role of Snow White, was criticized on the web. A painting based on the fairy tale of the Brothers Grimm became another on the list, where the creators of the project decided to move away from the canon and radically changed the main character.

So, the series about Anne Boleyn, The Little Mermaid, The Dark Tower and many other projects have already been subjected to harsh criticism. However, apparently, the negative experience of fellow directors, screenwriters and casting directors taught nothing.

So, in the comments under one piece of news, viewers hastened to hint that they are not very happy with the current situation. Some even called for a boycott of “Snow White” or to bring down the rating of the project in exactly the same way as it was with Anne Boleyn.

“It’s not dark enough. Not canon “,” Why is the dress white? It should be black ”,“ After the heroine’s phrase “Who is rounder and whiter”, the remark “She just went too far with self-tanning”, some were indignant.

“Snow White and 7 rainbow brothers, among whom there must be LGBT people, non-binary gnomes and dwarfs”, “Thank you for not being a man”, “There was something in the fairy tale about skin like snow. Here is her skin like snow in Russia ”,“ Why Snow White? Kuroyukihime! “,” I even feel a little sorry for her. But it is her own fault that she signed up for it, ”others did not stand on ceremony.

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