The Weeknd donates a million to the hungry in Ethiopia

The singer urged those who were not indifferent to follow his example.

The Weeknd singer was born in Canada, where his parents emigrated, both from Ethiopia. At the same time, the performer honors the traditions of his people and does not lose touch with them. He recently revealed on Instagram and Twitter that he has donated nearly a million dollars to fight hunger in Ethiopia. “It breaks my heart over the people of Ethiopia as innocent civilians, from young children to the elderly, die and entire villages are displaced by fear and destruction,” he wrote in his post. The civil conflict in the country has already resulted in the death of thousands of people and the forced flight of millions of families.

“I will donate $ 1 million to provide 2 million meals through the UN World Food Program, and I urge all concerned who have the opportunity to donate as much as possible,” writes The Weeknd. He shared a link to the US World Food Program, where those who wish can also make donations. According to the artist, it is very important to help people in such trouble.

Civil unrest began in Ethiopia last November. Then there was an armed conflict between the authorities of the autonomous region of Tigray and the federal government of Ethiopia. Then about a million people were displaced, and 4.5 million are in need of assistance. In addition, the actions affected the state of the harvest, which caused the citizens in the country to starve.

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Author: Ksenia Antonenko

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