The Wide Angle Drama: How Biden Made Jimmy Carter Tiny

The Wide Angle Drama: How Biden Made Jimmy Carter Tiny

The wide-angle drama

How Biden made Jimmy Carter tiny

Unlike his predecessor Trump, US President Biden honors his predecessors in office and even visits them at home when the opportunity arises. His most recent meeting with Jimmy Carter, however, got out of hand – from a purely photographic point of view.

A private meeting between US President Joe Biden and his wife Jill with former President Jimmy Carter and his wife Rosalynn in their house in Plains had a late response on the net. The reason for the hype is not political, but rather optical: in a picture with which the White House honored the April 30 meeting, the Bidens appear larger than life. The Carters appear next to them like figures from a doll’s house. The spatial arrangement in the room also explains the vortex: The President and the First Lady kneel on the fluffy carpet and seem to be holding their two predecessors in their arms.

While some users on Twitter miss the masks of the ensemble, others are delighted and horrified by the proportions. So tweeted “Guardian” reporter Julia Carrie Wong Rolling Eyes: “Help, I can’t stop thinking about Giant Biden and Baby Carter.” Shortly thereafter, she added, “Who shrunk the Carters?”

However, the Carter Center thanked them politely and without having any fun for the “wonderful photo”. A Twitter user tried Photoshop that to restore real situation. Others said the White House photographer was a bungler who obviously did not have the right lens on hand for indoor shooting and relied on too wide a wide angle. Still others turned the situation upside down: after that, Carter appears as the historical giant who teaches little Joe a few lessons.

Historically, an oversized Carter is actually to be represented: At 96 years old, Jimmy Carter is the longest-living president in US history. At the same time, at 78 years old, Biden is the oldest incumbent. And the close connection also has a historical foundation: In 1976, then US Senator Biden was one of the first congressional representatives to support Carter’s bid for the presidential candidacy.

Details of the historic meeting were also extensively appreciated online. This is how pranksters dealt with the socks of the incumbent president: They are blue with light blue dots. In contrast to his Republican predecessor Donald Trump, Biden attaches great importance to the tradition of getting in touch with all representatives of the so-called Club of Presidents. In this respect, we can look forward to more significant photos.

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