“There was no life for him”: Sean Connery suffered from dementia

“There was no life for him”: Sean Connery suffered from dementia

For the last few years before his death, Sean Connery lived a secluded life. Now his widow confirms that he was barely able to communicate in the end. But not only she mourns the loss of the actor. The very first Bond girl also speaks out.

There is great mourning for Sean Connery, who died at the age of 90 at the weekend. But as much as the loss of the actor hurts fans, colleagues and filmmakers, the family has to struggle most with the fact that the first James Bond actor is no longer with us.

Sean Connery and Micheline Roquebrune were married for 45 years.

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The Scots widow, Micheline Roquebrune, has now also spoken out. She and Connery had been married since 1975. “He was a model man!”, The 91-year-old raves in an interview with the British newspaper “Daily Mail”. The actor and she would have shared a “wonderful life” for 45 years.

Asleep peacefully

“Without him it will be very difficult, I know that. But it couldn’t last forever, and he left peacefully,” explains Roquebrune. Connery died in her sleep while she was lying next to him. “To go without much fuss” was exactly what he wanted. “It was just so peaceful. I was with him the whole time and he just left – it was what he wanted,” said the widow.

At the same time, Roquebrune confirmed rumors in the conversation that had been circulating several times recently. Connery suffered from dementia before his death. “It wasn’t a life for him,” he was finally unable to communicate properly, “the actor’s wife grants intimate insights.

“A big man”

But Roquebrune isn’t the only woman in Connery’s life who wistfully remembers him. Ursula Andress, the very first Bond girl with whom Connery celebrated his debut as a secret agent in “007 hunted by Dr. No” in 1962, also spoke up.


Sean Connery and Ursula Andress got up close and personal in “007 hunted by Dr. No”.

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“He was a great man”, Andress says in an interview with the Italian daily “Corriere della Sera” – the kind that is “hard to find today”. “He was a great friend and a fabulous actor,” said the Swiss-born who now lives in Italy.

Humor and loyalty

Humor and, last but not least, loyalty have also distinguished Connery. “From the moment we met until today we have remained friends,” says Andress, aka “Honey Ryder,” as she was called as a Bond girl.

What will you always remember? Connery had the ability to “understand people on the spot”. Both those “who were full of confidence” and “the superficial”. For her, Connery is not dead, on the contrary: “For me he will always be alive,” explains the 84-year-old.

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