“Think about it every day”: the doctor tells of the horror moment with Trump


“Think about it every day”
Doctor tells of a horror moment with Trump

The members of the Corona task force in the White House did not have it easy with Donald Trump. The former head of the working group now reveals how “uncomfortable” some conversations with the ex-president were. She is following one appearance in particular to this day.

Former US government advisor Deborah Birx claims to have drawn the anger of then US President Donald Trump with statements about the corona pandemic. Birx told CNN that Trump called her personally last summer after statements about the coronavirus risk.

The phone call in August was “very uncomfortable”, Birx reported in a video clip that was published on Sunday. “It was very uncomfortable, very direct and very difficult to listen to,” she said, looking at Trump’s words in the conversation. When asked whether she had been threatened, Birx reacted evasively after a brief hesitation and repeated: “I would say it was a very unpleasant conversation.”

Birx said that Trump’s call followed a CNN interview during which she warned of the dangers of the pandemic. “It was a very difficult time because everyone in the White House was upset about this interview and the clarity with which I spoke about the epidemic.” Trump had described the virus expert as “pathetic”, among other things.

She is still following one appearance today

The doctor had belonged to the Corona working group of the White House under Trump. Repeatedly, differences of opinion between Trump and experts in the round were openly revealed. At the beginning of the pandemic, Trump had denied the danger posed by the virus, later advertised certain drugs or procedures as supposed miracle cures without scientific evidence and made it clear to the last that he found wearing masks rather annoying.

At the time, Trump’s publicly presented idea of ​​injecting disinfectants into people in the fight against the coronavirus caused a particular stir. Birx, who was present at Trump’s performance at the time, told ABC a few days ago that she did not know how to react at the time. The moment haunts her until today. “I still think about it every day.”

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