This is how Donald Trump incited his followers


There are dramatic scenes in Washington. Trump supporters have stormed police barriers and invaded the Capitol. Shots rang out. Previously, Trump had incited his supporters.

“We walk together to the Capitol to cheer our honored senators on.” Donald Trump fired sentences like these at his supporters a few hours before the terrifying events at the parliament building in Washington.

He calls the US election in November “the most corrupt election in US history, perhaps in the whole world” and once again fails to provide any evidence of it. Court after court in the US had rejected his angry protests against the election defeat and overturned Republican motions. In the video above or right here watch the US President goad his supporters on and talk about “never wanting to give up”.

On Wednesday, a few hours after the president’s appearance, chaotic scenes break out around and in the Capitol, the parliament building in the US capital Washington. All developments on the riots read here in the news blog. Trump supporters storm police barriers, there are confrontations with the security forces, and shots are fired. Future President Joe Biden then speaks of an “unprecedented attack on democracy”.

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