This is how emotionally a Republican Donald Trump takes on: “This has to stop!”

“Someone will be killed”: In an angry appearance, a Republican official makes heavy accusations against Donald Trump – because of the consequences of his campaign against the election results.

It is one of the harshest rebukes of Donald Trump since the election, and it comes from a fellow party member. A Republican official, of all people, ventured into an angry appearance and made serious accusations against the US president: His actions caused numerous death threats against officials, relatives and company employees who were involved in the election.

Gabriel Sterling, who is in charge of the election process at the Georgia State Department, stepped in front of the cameras in Atlanta on Tuesday lunchtime (local time) and extensively reproached Trump for not doing anything against the numerous threats made by his supporters against people involved in the election.

“This has to stop!” Said Sterling over and over again during his four-minute emotional performance. “Mr. President, you have not condemned these events and this language.”

Sterling expresses what others shy away from

Towards the end of his brief appearance, Sterling expressed what many party friends are shirking for fear of Trump: “Mr. President,” he said, “it looks like they have probably lost the state of Georgia.”

Trump now has to face his responsibility. “Stop inspiring people to cause possible acts of violence. Otherwise someone will be injured. Otherwise someone will be shot. Otherwise someone will be killed.” Sterling himself is under police protection, he said.

Here see the performance in the video.

In fact, Trump recently raised the mood against the electoral officials in the scarce states and personally attacked them violently, including Sterling’s superior, the Georgia State Secretary, Brad Raffensperger. The president also shot himself at Arizona Governor Doug Ducey this week. This had certified the result in the state on Monday. Both politicians, like Trump, are Republicans.

Death threats, sexual innuendo

Raffensperger reported that he had received death threats. Sterling said even Raffensperger’s wife was now receiving sexual threats on her cell phone.

Trump’s opponent Joe Biden narrowly won the Georgia election. Trump had pushed for two recounts. The first did not change the result, the result of the second is awaited.

As in other states, Trump was unable to provide any evidence of electoral fraud, but continues his campaign against the election results – with the active assistance of his personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani (Read more about its role here.) In court Giuliani failed time and again with his challenges.

On Tuesday, the otherwise loyal Attorney General William Barr contradicted the president. His prosecutors and investigators could not have found any cases of large-scale election fraud, he told the AP news agency.

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Earlier, Chris Krebs, head of an election security agency in the Homeland Security Department, had spoken last week that the presidential election was the safest vote in a long time. As a result, Krebs was fired from Trump.

Official Sterling also referred to testimony from a Trump attorney about cancer. Joe DiGenova said on television that he should be “taken out at dawn and shot” for his statements. It was only after Sterling’s appearance in Atlanta that DiGenova spoke up and said he was just joking.

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