This Is Us star Justin Hartley talks about how he taught his daughter to drive


The actor admitted how they almost got into an accident.

44-year-old This Is Us and Smallville star Justin Hartley recalled on the Seth Meyers Show how much stress his daughter’s desire to learn to drive caused him. The actor conceded to a 16-year-old teenager and paid for driving lessons for Isabella. After a while, Justin decided to check what his daughter had learned and invited her on a small trip, in which she was supposed to become a driver. Along the way, Hartley wanted to teach his daughter how to fill the gas tank and change the wheel.

On the air, Justin admitted that he has a sweet tooth, and therefore could not resist a bag of marmalade in a store at a gas station. Returning to the car, he turned his attention to the packaging with sweets, for which he almost paid with his health.

“I look up, and we are driving at a red light! Just reckless! This could be my last gummy bear, ”said the artist.

Fortunately, Isabella managed to stop, and they passed the dangerous section of the road without incident.

Recall that Hartley became famous after the role of billionaire Oliver Queen in the CW series “Smallville”. His character was also known as Green Arrow. Since 2016, he has been playing one of the main roles in the drama show This Is Us.

Since 2004, he has been married to actress Lindsay Corman, who gave birth to a daughter, Isabella. In 2012, the couple broke up.

Photo source: Legion-Media

Author: Svetlana Levkina

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