This month finally gives us hope


2020, a year to forget. Shortly before the end, however, this: Joe Biden wins, Biontech’s vaccine is very close – and in London the clown is running out of jokes.

If you have a sense for it, the golden days of November are not just golden because of autumn. First, Donald Trump is voted out, tighter than necessary, but at least solid and he even seems to see it gradually, after all, who would have thought that.

There is also great relief that an end to the pandemic is in sight, because Biontech and Moderna are almost there with a vaccine and Curevac could soon follow suit. And then Boris Johnson gets into trouble and throws his Mephisto out, has to do it – at least that’s what his fiancée advised him, as the British newspapers write.

Trump may go, Trumpism remains

Regarding Trump: It is not that he tweeted indefatigably about the stolen election, but that it seems to have settled just two weeks after the election, is remarkable. Yesterday his favorite daughter Ivanka and his favorite son-in-law Jared left the White House and returned to New York. The President’s pilots are leaving the sinking ship, that’s how it seemed to me.

That doesn’t mean a lot. Trump may go, but Trumpism remains. Trumpism is the contempt for rules and laws, democracy and its litigation. Trumpism is white and racist. Anger and hatred included.

Trumpists are 73 million Americans who voted for him, who wanted to keep him, who stand by him. The Republican Grand Dukes who sit in Congress and say no word about it, that he has lost the election and that the loser should kindly congratulate the winner, as custom demands – because what is a custom for Trump to submit to – and what is a fact for him that he does not can lie around. These Republicans spare him because they don’t want to alienate 73 million Trump voters. They are already thinking about 2024, when one of them will run who is not called Trump but speaks like Trump, only less vulgar, but in such a way that as many of the nearly 330 million Americans as possible vote for him.

Joe Biden is not to be envied

It is quite possible that Kamala Harris will mobilize her – when she competes, which can be assumed. Joe Biden is an interim president. The pandemic is now his pandemic. The unemployed are his unemployed. And as it turns out, his old boss is now stealing the show. Barack Obama’s Memoirs, Volume 1, are not arriving right now by chance. They read like a legacy, like a manual that Joe Biden, whom Obama probably rightly says is a big bogus, should follow.

The president on hold is not to be envied these days: Trump casts a gloomy shadow and Obama dwarfs him.

The ringmaster has to go

Regarding Johnson: His father is said to have said he was going to be Prime Minister, but not for long. Trump is the great destroyer, the Joker, while Johnson is just a clown. Dominic Cummings was his chief adviser, his ringmaster. Ring directors keep themselves clowns. Ring directors consider themselves indispensable and if the clown happens to be Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, sooner or later problems will arise.

In the end, Cummings did far more harm than good to the prime minister. At least that’s what Carrie Symonds, the fiancée of Boris Johnson, who was previously head of communications for the Conservative Party, thought, so what about business. Boris Johnson listens to them, which is probably only good for him, even if it seems strange that it’s in the newspapers, which probably even Cummings took care of quickly before he had to resign.

Anyway, the clown now has to do without a ringmaster. The pandemic is hailing him a lot, because a clown can only amuse the dear audience with his jokes. If the situation is serious, Boris Johnson’s eternal lack of seriousness attracts attention. It is no accident that it is rapidly losing popularity. It is no coincidence that he is dragging negotiations on a treaty with the European Union after Brexit. He wanted to hold the EU responsible for the failure and the consequences, as he always declares others guilty for his problems. Hard to believe that he can get away with it now.

Pretty much done pretty right

Regarding the vaccine: The story of the Sahin couple is of course almost too good to be true. Both born in Turkey, came to Germany early. A scientific couple like the Curies. Immediately after the wedding back to the laboratory. A life for science. They have been researching cancer therapies for many years and the vaccine they are developing is basically just a by-product of their experimental oncology. Collaboration with the American pharmaceutical giant Pfizer. Pretty much done pretty right.

If the news of the breakthrough had been announced before election day on November 3rd, Donald Trump would have said: Look, you have me to thank, I’m a great president, the pandemic has now passed, gone, I always told you . Coincidence or not, intentional or not, six days after the election came the news from Mainz, which the whole world has been waiting for.

An end is in sight

The Sahins won’t be the only ones developing a vaccine, and that’s a good thing, but they are the first. Tomorrow the Chancellor will say how things should go on, even more about the lockdown and by when. The number of infections is not falling. The intensive care units are filling up. But there is one major difference: an end is in sight. In the middle of next year, hopefully we will be vaccinated and can celebrate again, go out as long as we want. Go to the theater, to a concert, to the stadium.

In all the gloomy mood, in all the trepidation that surrounds us, hope has risen. Joe Biden will not be to be envied even in the middle of next year. Donald Trump might then be on trial or say he wasn’t in the mood for President anyway. Boris Johnson will have to struggle with the consequences of the hard or less hard Brexit and maybe slowly lose the fun with the Prime Minister. And the Sahin couple received the Nobel Prize for Medicine.

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