Those of Donald Trump’s family who still stick to him

Those of Donald Trump’s family who still stick to him

Donald Trump continues to refuse to admit defeat to Joe Biden. Trump’s closest circle tries to influence him – with very different pieces of advice.

After Joe Biden’s victory speech, the man in the White House initially remained silent. But on Sunday, Donald Trump reported back to Twitter and revealed that he continues to see himself as a victim of systematic election fraud – without presenting any evidence to support this claim. In his closest environment, the voices that want to convince Trump to recognize Biden’s victory are increasing.

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His family members in particular are said to have great influence on Trump. According to CNN, First Lady Melania advised her husband to accept his defeat. Trump’s adviser Jason Miller dismissed the report on Twitter as “fake news”.

No clear statement from Melania

A little later, Melania Trump wrote on Twitter: “The American people deserve fair elections. Every legal – not illegal – vote should be counted. We must protect our democracy with complete transparency.”

The tweet is so general that it can be interpreted in both directions: Trump’s wife also believes that the elections were not fair. Why else should she comment on the subject on Twitter? Or: she disagrees with her husband, because her tweet does not mention that there were really irregularities or even fraud in the elections.

Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner is also said to have spoken to his father-in-law about the subject. According to the news portal “Axios”, he advised him to pursue the legal process. Kushner and his wife, Trump’s daughter Ivanka, are officially advisors to the president. “Axios” quoted an anonymous source as saying that “unpleasant conversations” were taking place in the orbit of Trump and that his closest circle had written off the election victory – but the latter still insisted on having won. “CNN” reports, however, from two anonymous sources, according to which Kushner advised Trump to recognize Biden’s victory.

Trump’s daughter Ivanka was similarly reserved and ambiguous on Twitter as her stepmother Melania. She demanded that all legal votes should be counted and all illegal votes should not. Free and fair elections are “the foundation of our democracy”.

Trump’s sons Donald Jr. and Eric still stand behind their father and his refusal to admit defeat. They are said to have called on close allies to publicly question the forecasts and projections of the US media. Trump Jr. had previously called on his father on Twitter to start an “all-out war” over the election. He must “expose all the fraud and cheating”. Trump Jr. has tweeted with almost no cessation since then – mostly unproven allegations of election fraud.

Trump received strong criticism from his niece Mary Trump during his press conference shortly after the polling stations in the United States closed. Trump declared himself the winner and made a – at the time hypothetical – victory by Biden responsible for electoral fraud. However, Trump was unable to present evidence of this either. Mary Trump wrote on Twitter: “This is what it looks like when a loser loses.” Mary Trump – a PhD in psychology – had published a disclosure book before the election and warned of her uncle’s second term. In an interview, she said her uncle was a pathological liar and a racist.

Donald Trump is considered a family man. But even his closest circle seems to be divided over the question of how Trump should deal with his apparent defeat. If you look at Trump’s latest tweets, he seems to be listening more to his sons at the moment. It looks like Trump is not ready – yet – to acknowledge reality and thus his defeat.

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