Three dead off California’s coast: Refugee boat capsizes off San Diego

Three dead off California’s coast: Refugee boat capsizes off San Diego

Three dead off the coast of California

Refugee boat capsizes off San Diego

San Diego is right on the Mexican border. Smugglers use the proximity to smuggle people across the water into the American metropolis. An allegedly further attempt now ends in a fatal accident.

Three people died in an accident involving a refugee boat in southern California. 27 other people were injured near the US metropolis of San Diego when their boat capsized and broke, the authorities said. The tug of the ship is said to be in police custody.

Border guard Jeffery Stephenson told reporters that the twelve-meter-long boat was insufficiently secured and heavily overcrowded. It had broken apart in the accident. The inmates were apparently migrants who tried to enter the United States illegally.

According to the local broadcaster CBS8, the accident occurred in the morning at 10.15 a.m. in front of the Point Loma peninsula, which is popular with day trippers. Coast Guard helicopters and airplanes were used in the rescue operation in the Pacific.

According to the local newspaper “San Diego Union-Tribune”, the emergency services had to resuscitate a total of five people. The emergency services found a large field full of debris in the water when they arrived, a fire department spokesman told the sheet. “There are a lot of rocks under water there, the waves were very strong.”

According to the newspaper, the ship was a small, self-built motorboat that is commonly used for fishing and fishing in Latin America. According to this, such boats are also often used by smugglers to bring refugees from Mexico to the USA. This type of illegal entry has increased in recent years, writes the newspaper. The alleged cause was the decision of ex-President Donald Trump to control the land borders more closely.

According to the information, the American border guards regularly track overcrowded boats off the coast of San Diego. Only on Thursday did he intercept one with 21 people on board.

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