Three rioters charged – including US politicians


Three men have been charged in Washington. Including the man who drew attention to himself with an unusual presentation during the riot in the US Capitol.

After the violent assault on the US Capitol, the US judiciary has brought charges against three other people involved. Among the suspects, according to the public prosecutor on Saturday, were the politician Derrick Evans from West Virginia and the well-known conspiracy theorist Jacob Anthony Chansley, who stood out in the incident last Wednesday for his striking headdress made of fur and horns.

Chansley, who is also known as Jake Angeli, is accused of violent entry into the US Capitol as well as “disorderly behavior” according to the prosecutor in Washington. According to a statement by the prosecutor, Chansley was seen in his outfit consisting of “horns, a bearskin hat” and face painting in the US flag colors red, white and blue in photographs of the storming of the Capitol, which were spread in the media. Chansley also carried a lance with a US flag attached.

Chansley describes himself as the “digital soldier” of the far right, conspiracy theory movement QAnon, whose supporters claim that the outgoing US President Donald Trump is in a secret war against a global liberal cult of pedophile Satanists. According to police, Chansley called the FBI on Thursday to confirm his presence in the US Capitol area the previous day. Chansley said he, along with a group of people from Arizona, “followed the president’s request to all ‘patriots” “to come to Washington on January 6th.

MP steals Pelosi’s lectern

The other two defendants were, according to the judiciary, MEP Evans, who was recently elected to Parliament in West Virginia, and a 36-year-old from Florida who stole the lectern from the Democratic majority leader in the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi.

In response to numerous calls for resignation, Evans submitted his resignation to the governor of West Virginia on Saturday. He takes “full responsibility” for his actions, wrote Evans, according to local media. He hoped that his resignation will help initiate the “healing process” in the US “so that we can all go forward and come together as ‘one nation under God'”.

On Friday, the US Department of Justice announced charges against 15 people involved in the storming of the Capitol. According to the prosecutor, in many cases it was easy to identify the suspects, as many pictures and videos of the incident were circulating on the Internet. The politician Evans had broadcast his intrusion into the Capitol live on the online service Facebook.

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