Thunberg criticizes digital UN climate summit: “Empty words”

Thunberg criticizes digital UN climate summit: “Empty words”

Climate activist Greta Thunberg sharply criticized the UN’s digital climate summit. She is not alone with her criticism.

The climate activist Greta Thunberg went tough with the digital climate summit on the fifth anniversary of the agreement on the Paris climate agreement. “At the Climate Ambition Summit, leaders celebrate their shameless loopholes, empty words, inadequate long-term goals and the robbery of current and future living conditions – and call it” ambition “,” wrote the Swede on Twitter. “There are no climate leaders. The only ones who can change that are you and me. Together.”

Other climate protectors also expressed criticism of the announcements made by more than 70 heads of state and government. “It is very disappointing that there was almost nothing to be heard today about how the necessary money for climate protection and adaptation in the Global South should finally come together,” said David Eckstein from the Germanwatch organization.

His colleague Rixa Schwarz praised the fact that, in addition to smaller countries, several states with large greenhouse gas emissions had presented improved climate targets by 2030 or climate neutrality targets by the middle of the century. “Today has shown how effective the Paris Agreement is,” she said. The global climate movement is doing a big part of driving governments.

Greenpeace boss Jennifer Morgan, on the other hand, found the virtual meeting not even close to what it needed – namely “leadership that listens to science and drastically limits emissions in order to give everyone everywhere – especially our youth – a fair chance at one green and peaceful world. ” Apparently, many states still lack the courage to stand up against the oil, coal and gas industries.

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