“Tiger King” makes statement: Joe Exotic’s husband behind bars

“Tiger King” makes statement: Joe Exotic’s husband behind bars

“Tiger King” Joe Exotic has been in prison for a year. Now his husband Dillon Passage is also being led away with handcuffs. His offense: drunk driving. The eccentric zookeeper feels compelled to comment.

Anyone who has seen the bizarre and captivating Netflix documentary “Tiger King – Big Cats and Their Predators” knows: The eccentric zookeeper Joseph Allen Maldonado-Passage alias Joe Exotic has been in prison since 2019 because of the alleged murder assignment. Because of a crime that is nowhere near as serious, his husband Dillon Passage has also been arrested.

The 34-year-old man, whose wedding to Joe Exotic was also featured in the documentary, was reportedly collected by police officers for drunk driving, according to a report by the US-American website “TMZ”.

“Tried everything to get him away from drinking”

Accordingly, he was stopped by officials in Travis County, Texas. When he failed the alcohol test on the spot, he was handcuffed and put in a cell. When the article appeared, Dillon Passage was still behind bars, it said.

The site got a short statement from the “Tiger King” about the arrest of his husband: “I tried everything to get him away from drinking. I love him,” Joe Exotic is quoted as saying. In the Netflix documentary, however, it also became clear that drugs and alcohol were probably nothing out of the ordinary for the “Tiger King” and his husbands. He and Dillon had tied the knot in December 2017 – just weeks after Exotic’s previous husband Travis Maldonado accidentally shot himself. This tragedy was also part of the documentation.

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