Tim Tszyu answered Zerafa’s challenge: “You will not interest me in a victory over a 47-year-old grandfather.”


Australian junior middleweight title contender (69.9 kg) Tim Tszyu (17-0-0, 13 KO), who is preparing to face Irish veteran Dennis Hogan (28-3-1, 7 KO) in late March, reacted to the recent the challenge of compatriot Michael Zerafa (28-4-0, 17 KO).

“I didn’t watch his fight with Mundin because it’s unacceptable even from an ethical point of view,” Tszyu said, hinting at the age of the loser. – And so it was understood how it would all end.

I understand he is trying to create a scandal and attract attention to himself. He considers himself a PPV fighter, although he is not, and he realizes this, trying to blurt out a fight for himself. But what can he give? He just beat his 47-year-old grandfather. I have a dozen better options. “

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