Tom Hardy is immersed in a new movie about the hero

Tom Hardy is immersed in a new movie about the hero

The actor was entrusted not only with playing the main role, but also with making edits to the script.

43-year-old British actor Tom Hardy admitted that he fell in love with the role of the hero of the Marvel comics – Venom. The first film in which he played this character grossed $ 800 million, and the second is aiming for a billion.

The creators of the picture involved Tom to work on the script. The actor consulted the scriptwriters, made his own edits and did everything possible to make Venom 2 a real bomb.

“He was 100% immersed in the production of the film and was passionate about his character. From the outside it might seem that Tom is “married” to Venom, that’s how much of his time he devoted to this film, ”- said screenwriter Kelly Marcel in an interview with The Collider.

She added that she often called Hardy and they spent hours discussing the details of the script. Note that viewers will be able to see the continuation of Venom’s misadventures on September 16 this year.

Photo source: Legion-Media

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