Tony Bellew responded to Usyk’s words that with his comments he tried to influence the judges of Alexander’s fight with Chisora


Former world champion in the first heavy weight, and now an expert on the Sky Sports TV channel Tony Bellew denies the accusations from Alexander Usik. After the fight with Derek Chisora, the Ukrainian heavyweight champion suggested that Bellew and David Haye were emotionally commenting on the fight in order to influence the judges’ perceptions.

However, Bellew claims that he was simply sincerely rooting for his friend, for which he received a reprimand from employers.

“It’s crazy. I just supported my friend. I have known Derek Chisora ​​for 15 years, he is a good friend of mine. This guy was at my wedding. Chisora ​​is a close family friend, he is like a brother to me. I supported him as much as I could. Basically, it means that I yelled when I shouldn’t have done it.

It turned out the way it turned out. I was reprimanded by employers because of this, but I will not be different. I do not regret it. I will support Chisora ​​no matter what. Loyalty has to be paid for loyalty, “Tony Bellew said in an interview with YouTube channel Behind The Gloves.

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