TOP 5 films with the legendary Monica Bellucci

TOP 5 films with the legendary Monica Bellucci

There is never too much passion.

Hot October: TOP 5 films with the legendary Monica Bellucci

On September 30, the ageless and always beautiful Monica Bellucci celebrated her 57th birthday. Everyone understands that such a gift is a huge rarity. But the beauty is also infinitely feminine and talented. It is enough to watch only five films to see: sexuality has a name.

Dobermann 1997

This is a very specific action movie. Real brutality and impossible superheroism have been screwed here. Our beloved couple is also here. In the film, the main focus is on bright characters – Vincent Cassel as a bank robber, an evil police commissioner (Cheki Cario) and a friend of the protagonist (Monica Bellucci).

The film itself is not outstanding – even the plot requires pretense and one-dimensionality. But Monica here looks like a femme fatale, like a real icon of a thug’s girlfriend.

How much are you worth? (Combientum’aimes?) 2005

The office worker asks a luxurious prostitute (Bellucci, who else?) To live with him as long as he can support her, giving out 100 thousand euros a month. Our hard worker can afford it, because he won 4 million euros in the lottery. But there is also a huge ladle of tar – due to health problems, the doctor of the protagonist fears that the woman will seriously harm him.

The Passion of the Christ 2004

Mel Gibson could not choose anyone else for the role of Mary Magdalene, except Bellucci. Here she is in the role of a penitent harlot who followed Christ, received forgiveness and saw his resurrection.

Although before filming, no one thought about Monica, because the film used the Aramaic language and the maximum approximation to ancient Jerusalem, where Bellucci did not really fit. At first sight. But Gibson’s skill opened up another facet of beauty talent to the whole world.

Irreversible 2002

One of the hardest films. Primarily because of the famous rape scene in the dark passage. Since Gaspard Noé was filming the film, the end is expectedly gloomy, however, the story is told in reverse order.

Both Monica and Vincent Cassel starred in the film. Moreover, at the time of filming, they were already married. And the picture showed that Monica can play even in the most difficult scenarios.

Malèna 2000

The pinnacle of Monica’s acting career is “Malena” by Giuseppe Tornatore.

The film tells about an Italian woman whose husband went to war. Because of her beauty, Malena cannot get a job – women are afraid that she will take their husbands away, and spread hard-hitting rumors.

And due to further poverty, occupation and other blows of fate, Malena has to break down and try to somehow live on. What women are only happy about is that you can officially mock your rival. At the same time, the teenager Renato falls in love with a beauty and dreams of her. Realizing his youth, he only watches her.

Bellucci is here both a modest suffering woman who resists circumstances, and a fatal goddess from the dreams of a young guy who imagines how he makes love with an unattainable beauty.

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