TP-Link introduced “smart” lamps and sockets with support for the voice assistant “Alice”


TP-Link has introduced a line of devices for building a smart home system TAPO, which includes a C200 CCTV camera, a P100 mini-socket, as well as L510E and L530E smart lamps.

Smart lamps TAPO L530E and L510E:

The L530E Wi-Fi lamp allows you to adjust brightness and color temperature, and also gives the user a choice of one of 16 million shades. What’s more, the lamp retains selected lighting settings for different usage scenarios.

No control center is required to use the L530E and L510E: the lamps connect to your home Wi-Fi network without the need for additional devices. In addition, the lamps have support for the Yandex Alice voice assistant or Google Assistant, which allows you to control the light using your voice.

Videcam TAPO C200:


The TAPO C200 home Wi-Fi security camera records video in Full HD (1080p) resolution and has a wide viewing angle of 360 ° horizontally and 114 ° vertically. It has a night vision mode with an automatic color switching filter at a distance of up to 9 meters, motion detection and instant push notifications to the TAPO Camera app. Thanks to the built-in speaker and microphone, the user can hear what is happening in the room, remotely transmit voice messages and turn on the sound alarm.

In addition, the C200 has a privacy mode that physically disables the camera lens, ensuring user privacy. The microSD card installed in the camera allows you to store data locally and prevent hacker attacks.

Smart mini plug P100:


This gadget instantly turns connected devices on and off through the TAPO app, and the built-in schedule and timer functions allow you to set the schedule for an entire week. All connected devices are automatically activated and turned off at the specified time. In addition, the “not at home” operating mode creates the appearance that a person is present at home, periodically turning on and off the connected device (for example, a lamp), providing additional protection against intruders in the absence of the user.

Also, the P100 supports voice functions, which allows you to control a smart socket using voice commands from Yandex Alice or Google Assistant.

The free TP-Link TAPO mobile app provides complete device management: view previous recordings from CCTV cameras, sort by time and date, set an automatic schedule and much more. The application is available for download in the AppStore and Google Play.

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