Transformed Josh Duhamel teases female fans with hot photo

Transformed Josh Duhamel teases female fans with hot photo

Few would believe that the Transformers star will celebrate her 49th birthday in November.

The star of “Transformers” and “Once Upon a Time in Rome” Josh Duhamel once again proved that he is in excellent physical shape. Even Dwayne Johnson and Chris Hemsworth, whom Josh looks like after changing his hairstyle, can envy Duhamel’s reference press.

Recently it became known that Netflix has decided to close the superhero series “The Legacy of Jupiter”. The creators of the project have already stopped working with all the main actors, sending them on a free voyage.

For Duhamel, this news came as an unpleasant surprise. The actor was sad and rushed to contact the directors of the project through his personal microblog on Instagram. It is unlikely that Josh would have thought that his message would resonate with most of the female audience.

So, Duhamel published a candid photo in which he boasted of a steel press. The actor’s face was partially covered by long hair. Thus, Josh, most likely, hinted that he is in excellent physical shape and is not ready to lose his job.

In the comments, almost every second person suggested that the American become his wife.

“Does he play Thor’s father?”, “I don’t fall in love with this handsome man, I don’t fall in love with this handsome man”, “There was a sexy daddy, but now a sexy grandfather”, “Something has become hot”, “This guy just cannot be 48 “,” Hemsworth, move over, a new god is coming “,” I do not mind becoming the wife of this guy “, – they tried to caress the actor with words.

Photo source: Legion-media

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