transgender actor Elliot Page interviewed Oprah Winfrey

transgender actor Elliot Page interviewed Oprah Winfrey

The artist came out as a transman last December.

Actor, the star of the series “Umbrella Academy” Elliot Page gave a great interview to the journalist Oprah Winfrey, in which he admitted that he always knew his real gender. A frank conversation took place specifically for the Apple TV + streaming service.

As it turned out, Elliot from early childhood was sure that he was a boy, not a girl.

“All transgender people are so different, but my story is just my story. When I was little, I was definitely a boy. I knew I was a boy, even a toddler. I wrote fake love letters and signed them “Jason” – the artist admits.

According to him, the adults around him insisted that over time he would have to change and that all his feelings were not real.

“I just couldn’t understand when they said to me: ‘No, you are not like that.’ No, they said, you can’t be that way when you’re older, ”says Elliot.

According to him, right now he is gradually returning to “feel real himself.”

Note that Ellen Page announced in December 2020 that she is now a transman named Elliot Page. This statement caused a great public outcry both in the media and on social networks. Some time later, the actor gave a frank interview to Time magazine, becoming the first transman to appear on the cover of the publication.

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