Travis Scott endangers daughter of Kylie Jenner

Travis Scott endangers daughter of Kylie Jenner

Several people have witnessed the car insolence.

Black rapper Travis Scott endangered Kylie Jenner’s tiny daughter, Stormy. The journalists were told about this by the witnesses of what happened the other day. After reuniting with the model, Travis tries to devote as much time as possible to his family. The other day, Scott, apparently, was late to pick up his daughter from kindergarten, so he reckoned on the road and exceeded the speed almost twice.

On this, however, the adventures of little Stormy did not end there. Eyewitnesses said that Scott “took the girl in tow and accelerated, wagging the back of the car,” violating all sorts of traffic rules. Thus, the rapper put the heiress in danger.

Later in the press there were reports that in a similar way Scott tried to get away from the annoying paparazzi who haunt him after the revival of the novel. Representatives of the musician could not officially confirm this information, reports HollywoodLife.

Photo source: Legion-media

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