“Treason of the President’s Office”: Several Republicans support impeachment


“Treason of the President’s Office”
Several Republicans support impeachment

On Wednesday, the House of Representatives wants to vote on initiating impeachment proceedings against Donald Trump. The Democrats can count on the support of a few prominent Republicans.

After storming the Capitol, the first Republican US MPs announced that they would vote for impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump. “I’m going to vote for impeachment against the president,” House number three Republican Liz Cheney said on Tuesday.

Last Wednesday’s attack on the Capitol resulted in “injury, death and destruction in the holiest place in our republic,” said the daughter of former Vice President Dick Cheney. Trump brought the “mob” together and “lit the flame of this attack”. He later did nothing to end the violence. “None of this would have happened without the president,” said Cheney. “There has never been a greater betrayal of his office and his oath on the constitution by a US president.”

Republican MP John Katko also announced his vote in favor of bringing charges against Trump. “Allowing the President of the United States to instigate this attack without any consequences is a direct threat to the future of our democracy,” said the politician.

Initiation likely, conviction not

The US House of Representatives could vote for impeachment proceedings against Trump on Wednesday. The Democrats of the future President Joe Biden accuse Trump of “inciting a riot”. A simple majority, which the Democrats have at their disposal, is sufficient for a charge to be brought – the so-called impeachment. It is unclear how many Republicans will vote for impeachment. According to media reports, it could be between ten and 20. The process itself would then be conducted in the Senate at a later date. A two-thirds majority in this Congress Chamber would be required for impeachment, which is unlikely to be achieved.

Trump would be the first president in US history to have two impeachment proceedings initiated. It is highly unlikely that the impeachment process can begin before the end of Trump’s term on Wednesday next week. However, it can also take place after Trump leaves office.

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