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The Turkish Broadcasting Company or the Turkish Radio and Television Foundation (tour: Türkiye Radyo Televizyon Kurumu), also known as TRT, is the Turkish state television and radio broadcasting company. TRT World News Stream is available 24/7 hours for you on this website directly from Turkey.

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TRT World is the first English language international news channel, and TRT is the abbreviation of Turkish radio and television. The channel was founded on 18 May 2015 as test channel by Turkish Radio and Television Corporation

Radio broadcasting in Turkey began at about the same time as in other countries, but it got its main development after a law was passed in 1925 that provided for the creation of a radio network throughout the country through the commissioning of a large radio station in Ankara. May 6, 1927 was the first official broadcast in the history of Turkish broadcasting. A year later, Ankara Radio (Ankara Radyosu) began work.

Since the 1960s, it has become apparent that Turkey’s broadcasting needs modernization, both technical and conceptual. It was also obvious the need to create a new apparatus, independent of political power, having its own staff and budget, which would include all the state’s radio stations and establish television broadcasting in the country. The law on the creation of TRT was adopted on May 1, 1964. The General Staff is located in Ankara.

TRT is a member of the European Broadcasting Union and a shareholder of Euronews. The supreme body is the Board of Directors (Yönetim Kurulu), consisting of the chairman, deputy chairman and 5 members. Media laws are enforced by the Supreme Council of Radio and Television (Radyo ve Televizyon Üst Kurulu) (formerly the Supreme Council of Radio and Television (Radyo ve Televizyon Yüksek Kurulu)), elected by the National Assembly.

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