True Detective star criticized Oscar

True Detective star criticized Oscar

According to the actor, the jury of the award has ceased to understand what he is doing.

47-year-old American actor Stephen Dorff, known for the first comic book about the vampire hunter Blade, as well as the third season of “True Detective”, became disillusioned with the US film industry.

The last straw for him was this year’s Oscar, which the artist called the main disappointment in his life. He is sure that the expert committee of the award does not know what it is doing.

“This Oscar has become the main shame of the year for me. My profession is turning into some kind of game. The directors, actors and jury do not understand anything about cinema at all, ”said the artist in an interview for The Independent.

“Everyone is trying to please online cinemas. When I needed money, I also acted in films without desire, but you need to know when to stop. I’d rather act in a film that will win the Cannes Prize than this, ”he summed up.

The actor admitted that at some point he fired all his commercial agents because of the constant offers from them to play in some kind of “slag”. He does not plan to hire new employees in the near future.

Photo source: Legion-Media

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