Trump administration announces price cuts for prescription drugs

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New rules to import a number of drugs from Canada

US President Donald Trump, together with the Department of Health and Welfare and the Food and Drug Administration, issued a notice on the proposed development of new rules that would allow some prescription drugs to be imported from Canada. In addition, the Office is preparing new regulations for the industry, which set out procedures for simplifying the import of prescription drugs, including biological products approved by the Office, produced abroad and approved for sale in other countries.

This notice is the first step towards implementing the provisions of federal law that allows the import of certain drugs from Canada under certain conditions to ensure that import does not pose an additional risk to the health and safety of the population, but at the same time ensures a reduction in the cost of the corresponding goods for the American consumer.

“Today’s announcement opens two paths for the safe import of a number of prescription drugs to provide American patients with safer, more effective and more affordable drugs,” said Health Minister Alex Hazard. “These are historic measures by the Ministry of Health and Welfare and the Food and Drug Administration, which underscore the boldness of President Trump’s agenda to lower the cost of drugs.”

In accordance with the initiative, states and other government agencies at the non-federal level will be able to apply to the Office in order to obtain permission to import certain drugs. If you obtain permission for medicines, you will need to change the labels in accordance with the requirements of American law. Authentication tests will also be conducted to ensure that the products meet current standards. Additional instructions are also recommended to help pharmacists work with new drugs.

Medicines imported under the new scheme can be obtained in various ways, including in hospitals and other medical institutions, as well as in licensed pharmacies.

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