Trump administration forced data on two Democrats from Apple

Trump administration forced data on two Democrats from Apple

In order to check for a leak, the government around ex-US President Donald Trump has apparently requested communication data from two Democrats at Apple. The Ministry of Justice is now supposed to examine allegations of corruption.

According to a media report, the administration of former US President Donald Trump has forced the technology giant Apple to release data from two Democratic MPs. Affected are the two members of the secret service committee in the House of Representatives, the current chairman Adam Schiff and Eric Swalwell, reported the “New York Times” on Thursday. Data from their employees and family members were also requested, including that of a minor.

According to the New York Times, prosecutors from the Justice Department gained access to communication metadata of the two Democrats and their entourage in 2017 and early 2018. They were looking for a leak that disclosed confidential information related to contacts between the Trump administration and the Russian government.

Unusual effort

According to the “NYT”, the prosecutors under the then Attorney General Jeff Sessions made unusual efforts to find the cause of the leak. The investigators also requested data from employees and family members because they suspected that the MPs were using the devices of children or employees to maintain contact with journalists.

Neither the Justice Department nor Apple have commented so far. However, it is highly unusual for such data to be queried outside of corruption investigations. According to the report, no link between the MPs and the leak could be established through the data or other evidence.

Clarification required

Schiff called for an investigation by the Inspector General of the Justice Department. He must “examine these and other cases that indicate that the law enforcement authorities were armed by a corrupt president.” Trump tried to use the ministry “as a club against his political opponents and media representatives”. This “did not fall on deaf ears”.

The chairwoman of the House of Representatives, Democrat Nancy Pelosi, also called for clarification. The “NYT” report is “horrible”. “These actions seem to be another egregious attack by the former president on our democracy,” she said.

Order to maintain silence has expired

According to “NYT”, the investigation at that time only now became known because the Justice Department had ordered Apple to maintain secrecy. This expired this year. Last month, the company informed MPs about the query.

Trump had to face impeachment proceedings twice, but each failed. He resigned from the presidency earlier this year after losing to Democrat Joe Biden in the election. His influence with the Republicans is still great. Trump also spreads the conspiracy theory to this day that he was deprived of a second term through massive electoral fraud.

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