Trump and Putin discuss oil markets and the fight against coronavirus

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Presidents reportedly agreed to continue dialogue

US President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke on the telephone on Monday, the White House said. As noted in a statement released, the two leaders discussed recent developments related to the spread of coronavirus and efforts to combat the pandemic. The presidents agreed to work closely through the G20 in order to steer the course of an international campaign designed to defeat the virus and revitalize the global economy.

The two leaders discussed a number of bilateral and global issues. In particular, they agreed with each other on the issue of maintaining stability in world energy markets.

In connection with the Venezuelan problem, President Trump reiterated the tragic nature of the situation in this country, as well as the US interest in the democratic transition of power in Venezuela, so that the current crisis is overcome.

Earlier Monday, the Kremlin announced a conversation between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin.

According to the Kremlin, the presidents agreed with each other that the energy ministries of the two countries should continue consultations on the situation in the oil markets. The presidents also agreed to continue the dialogue at a personal level.

Prior to this, speaking on television, President Trump announced that he would have a telephone conversation with the Russian president.

He explained that among the topics of discussion was the price war on the oil market between Russia and Saudi Arabia.

“Immediately after this call, I’ll talk to a gentleman named Vladimir Putin,” Trump said in an interview with Fox & Friends.

Trump said that, “among other things,” they will discuss the energy market, as well as trade.

The president has long insisted on the need to improve relations between Washington and Moscow, although he claims that, given the new sanctions against Russia, his policy towards this country is tougher than that of past presidents.

On Monday, answering the question of what he would say if Putin asks to lift the sanctions, the American leader said: “It’s because I imposed sanctions … I behave tougher with Russia than any president in the history of our country. I have imposed sanctions, and they are palpable.

When asked about Russia’s actions in Ukraine and the Middle East, Trump recalled that during World War II, Russia fought on the same side with the United States.

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