Trump attack against corona expert Fauci: “It’s a disaster”

Trump attack against corona expert Fauci: “It’s a disaster”

Anthony Fauci is a recognized corona expert in the USA. But US President Donald Trump repeatedly reproaches him. Now, according to media reports, they were particularly violent.

Around two weeks before the US election, President Donald Trump raised the mood against renowned health experts and the critical pandemic reporting in many media. “People are fed up with the pandemic,” said the Republican on Monday (local time) during a campaign appearance in the southwestern state of Arizona. “The pandemic will soon be over,” he promised his followers – although this contradicts the current development in the USA, where the number of new infections has recently increased again.

According to media reports, Trump had previously described the leading US health expert Anthony Fauci as a “disaster” and accused him of errors in the pandemic. According to reports by the broadcaster CNN and the New York Times, Trump expressed the devastating criticism in a phone call with his election campaign team on Monday. “When he appears on television, there is always a bomb, but there is a bigger bomb when you fire him. The guy is a disaster,” said Trump, according to the New York Times. “People are fed up with hearing Fauci and those idiots, all of these idiots who made mistakes.”

In the United States, a country with around 330 million inhabitants, more than 220,000 people have died after being infected with the coronavirus. Since the pandemic started, more than 8.2 million people in the United States have contracted the virus. The number of new infections recently rose again to around 50,000 per day. According to CNN, Trump said with a view to Fauci: “If I had listened to him, we would have 500,000 dead.”

Trump receives sharp criticism for his statements

Fauci is director of the National Institute for Infectious Diseases and part of the White House’s coronavirus working group. Even in Trump’s party there was opposition to his fierce criticism. Senate health committee chairman Lamar Alexander said on Twitter that Fauci was one of the most respected officials ever and had worked under six US presidents. “If more Americans took his advice, we would have fewer cases of Covid-19.”

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Trump, in turn, continued his attacks in two election campaign appearances in Arizona. People were fed up with media like the liberal broadcaster CNN only talking about the pandemic, Trump said. He accused CNN of reporting the pandemic so negatively that people would not vote. “People aren’t buying that from you, CNN, you stupid bastards,” Trump said to the cheers of his supporters.

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden condemned Trump’s comments on the pandemic and his criticism of Fauci. “Mr. President, you are right about one thing: Americans are sick of it. They are sick of their lies about this virus,” Biden said. “You are fed up with watching more Americans die and lose more jobs because you refuse to take this pandemic seriously.”

Fauci often contradicts the US president

Fauci said on CBS on Sunday that he was “absolutely not” surprised that Trump was infected with the corona virus. Looking at an event with Trump in the rose garden of the White House at the end of last month, the immunologist spoke of a “superspreader event”. When he saw on television that hardly any protective measures were observed there, he thought: “Nothing good can come of it.” Trump repeated on Monday that he was not only free from the coronavirus, but immune.

Fauci had also told CBS that the White House had been monitoring his appearances on broadcasters during the pandemic. “I was definitely not allowed to go to many, many, many shows that asked me.” Trump said, “We’ll let him do what he wants to do.” Fauci loves to appear on television. White House communications director Alyssa Farah told Fox News on Monday, “It’s difficult to turn on the television and not see it.” You certainly don’t try to prevent him from sharing important information with the public.

Fauci criticized again that Trump’s campaign team had used a statement from him without permission and in a misleading manner in an election commercial. He was “really angry” about it. The immunologist also criticized him for receiving death threats and harassment for his family.

Trump’s poll numbers have fallen due to Corona

In surveys, a majority of Americans have been giving Trump bad marks for his crisis management in the pandemic for months. In surveys, Fauci enjoys significantly more trust than the president.

Dealing with the pandemic is likely to play a major role for many voters in the presidential election on November 3. According to national polls, Democrat Biden is clearly in the lead. Many surveys from important states also see him ahead of Trump. But four years ago, Trump was also behind in polls – and finally prevailed against Hillary Clinton.

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