Trump attorney: “On to SCOTUS!”: Judge rejects lawsuit in Pennsylvania again


Allegations without any evidence of electoral fraud – this is roughly how the decision of a judge in the US state of Pennsylvania can be summarized. Still-President Trump clings doggedly to power and, as expected, still does not think about giving up.

The incumbent US President Donald Trump suffered another defeat in the contestation of the election results. A federal appeals court in the state of Pennsylvania dismissed Trump’s lawsuit as baseless. Trump speaks of “massive electoral fraud”, but has so far provided no reliable evidence. “Calling an election unfair does not make the election unfair. Complaints require specific allegations and then evidence. Here we have neither,” wrote Judge Stephanos Bibas.

“Free and fair elections are the lifeblood of our democracy,” wrote the judge, who was nominated by Trump himself for his position in Philadelphia at the end of 2017. The other two judges on the Court of Appeal were also nominated by Republicans. The judge’s decision follows a sharply worded ruling by a lower court, also passed by a Republican. Giuliani then declared that he wanted to go to the Supreme Court in the end. There, the Conservatives have a six to three majority since the Republican-ruled Senate confirmed Trump’s candidate Amy Coney Barrett.

A Trump attorney, Jenna Ellis, complained on Twitter that the “activist machinery of justice in Pennsylvania continues to cover up massive fraud allegations.” She ended the tweet, which she also wrote on behalf of her colleague Rudy Giuliani, with “On to SCOTUS!” with reference to the abbreviation for the US Supreme Court. It is unclear whether this will accept the case.

Courts have already thrown numerous lawsuits from Trump and his Republican allies, including in Michigan, Pennsylvania, Georgia and Nevada. Even with an appeal to the Supreme Court, in which six of the nine judges are considered conservative, Trump is unlikely to be successful in view of the facts. The most recent lawsuit in Pennsylvania sought to have millions of postal votes invalidated with allegations of fraud. However, the appeals court, like the lower court, said last week that Trump’s lawyers had provided “no clear evidence” of the alleged massive fraud. In addition, the Democrat Joe Biden won the election in the state by around 81,000 votes, which is why alleged individual cases would not play a role, it said.

Experts gave Trump’s lawsuits little chance from the start. In the meantime, the governor of Pennsylvania has certified the result from the state. Even if the 20 electorate there were to be awarded Trump in the end, he would not be able to catch up with Democrat Joe Biden: According to data provider Edison Research, he is in the lead with a total of 306 to 232 voters. Current information is also available in the US election live ticker.

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