Trump breaks off interview – “terrible interference” in the election

Trump breaks off interview – “terrible interference” in the election

US President Trump often reacts irritably to critical questions from journalists. For him this is “fake news”. Now he seems to have clashed with a renowned TV journalist.

US President Donald Trump has prematurely canceled a TV interview, according to the broadcaster CBS. Trump then complained on Twitter that the interview with the renowned TV journalist Lesley Stahl was “fake” and “partisan” and that he was therefore considering publishing it before the scheduled broadcast next Sunday. Everyone should be able to compare this “terrible interference” in the election on November 3 with interviews that were conducted with his challenger Joe Biden.

The broadcaster CNN wrote, citing two sources, that Trump sat with Stahl for 45 minutes and suddenly ended the interview. The reason he stated was that she had enough material for the show. Trump’s campaign manager Jason Miller denied a crash and spoke of “fake news”. “No drama, the interview didn’t end abruptly,” CBS quoted Miller as saying.

Interview planned as a special edition

In less than two weeks, on November 3rd, a new US president will be elected. The show “60 Minutes” is one of the most successful formats on US television. The interview is slated to be part of a “60-Minutes” special this Sunday about Republican Trump and his Democratic challenger Joe Biden. The 78-year-old TV journalist Stahl has been working for “60 Minutes” since 1991. According to information from CBS, she had the first TV interview with Trump in 2016 after his election victory. In 2018 she interviewed him again.

Lesley Stahl: The recognized TV journalist asked Trump critical questions in an interview. This broke off prematurely. (Source: ZUMA Press / imago images)

Trump tries to put steel in a bad light

During a campaign appearance on Tuesday evening in Erie, Pennsylvania, Trump appeared to threaten CBS. “You have to look at what we do with ’60 Minutes’. You will get such a kick out of it,” said the President in front of cheering supporters. “Lesley Stahl won’t be happy about it.” You can also see the scene in the video or above here.

Trump had previously published a short video on Twitter, about which he wrote: “Lesley Stahl from” 60 Minutes “without a mask in the White House after her interview with me. There’s a lot more to come.”

Stahl was wearing a mask when she entered the White House and greeted the president, according to CBS. She took off the mask before the interview when she had enough distance. Regarding the clip published by Trump, on which the journalist can be seen without a mask, CBS said that Stahl spoke to employees of her crew and that they all tested negative for the corona virus on Tuesday.

Trump: Critical reports always “fake news”

Trump, who contracted Covid-19 himself at the beginning of the month, almost never wears mouth and nose protection. In addition, he has repeatedly made verifiably false statements about face masks and the coronavirus. The US president describes media that report critical of him as “enemies of the people” and their reports as “fake news”. He regularly accuses US media of not tackling Biden nearly as hard as he is. In Fox News, which is close to him, Trump is allowed to explain his view of things almost unchallenged.

Trump had already reacted very irritably last week to repeated inquiries from TV journalist Savannah Guthrie from NBC. US media then wrote that Trump was downright “grilled”. Guthrie was not satisfied with some of Trump’s answers and asked or corrected Trump’s statements factually.

Trump, for example, claimed that his administration saved two million lives during the corona pandemic. However, two million deaths are based on the assumption that the government took no action at all and that the population did not protect themselves.

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