Trump considers speech before storming to be “completely appropriate”


Activists stormed the Capitol after Donald Trump called on supporters. He considers the impeachment procedure to be “absolutely ridiculous”.

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The elected US President Donald Trump sees no personal responsibility in connection with the forcible storming of the Capitol. Looking at his speech to supporters last Wednesday, just before the violence erupted at the US Parliament’s seat, Trump said on Tuesday, “If you read my speech and a lot of people have – and I have it in both the newspapers and the US Media, on TV, seen – it was analyzed and people found what I said was entirely appropriate. “

Reveals what he “predicted a long time ago”

Trump spoke to journalists at Joint Base Andrews airfield near Washington, from where he wanted to travel to the US southern border in Texas. He accused the big tech companies – apparently because of their intensified action against certain users and contributions in view of the tense security situation in the USA – of doing a “terrible thing” for the country. “I think it will be a catastrophic mistake for them. They divide and divide and they show something that I have been predicting for a long time,” Trump said without being more specific. A common accusation against platforms like Facebook and Twitter is that they suppress conservative voices.

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“It entices others to do the same. And it creates a lot of problems and a lot of danger,” Trump said. “I’ve never seen anger like this, and it’s a terrible thing,” he said. “You always have to avoid violence and we have tremendous support. We have support, probably like no one has ever seen before.” Twitter blocked Trump’s account on Friday after violating the guideline prohibiting the glorification of violence with two tweets from the company’s point of view.

Both Democratic and Trump Republican politicians accuse the President of inciting his supporters in his speech after the dramatic events last Wednesday. The Democrats in the US House of Representatives are therefore pressing ahead with the opening of impeachment proceedings against Trump. Trump spoke of a “continuation of the greatest witch hunt in the history of politics”. The procedure is “absolutely ridiculous” and “dangerous” for the country.

Trump: What politicians said is “real problem”

Trump also called it “a real problem” on Tuesday, which senior politicians said in connection with the “terrible unrest” in Portland, Seattle and other US cities. In the summer, after the death of the African-American George Floyd in a brutal police operation at the end of May, there were protests across the country against racism and police violence. Sometimes there were riots between demonstrators and security forces.

Trump blamed the “radical left” for this, called demonstrators generally “anarchists”, “troublemakers” and “looters” and strongly condemned “lawlessness” on the American streets.

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