Trump course is reviewed: Biden puts Tiktok sale on hold for the time being


Trump course is being reviewed
Biden puts Tiktok sale on hold for the time being

Former US President Trump initiated a tough course against the Tiktok platform. The plan was to force a sale of the Chinese app. Now his successor is taking a different direction – decisions made by his predecessor should first be reviewed.

According to a media report, the new US administration has put the plan on hold to force a sale of the Tiktok video platform to US companies. The “Wall Street Journal” reported that the government had indefinitely suspended the plans pushed forward by former President Donald Trump. Accordingly, the security authorities want to work out a comprehensive strategy to protect US data, especially from China.

Trump wanted to force a sale of the platform belonging to the Chinese Internet company Bytedance, which has become enormously popular with short videos. The deadlines have been postponed again and again, and Tiktok has successfully sued in US courts. After the software giant Microsoft was interested in taking over Tiktok, there were later negotiations with the US software company Oracle and the retail giant Walmart.

The Trump administration had classified Tiktok as a “national security risk”. The background is fears that data from US users could end up with the Chinese government. Tiktok has repeatedly denied the allegations and asserted, among other things, that the data is stored on servers in the USA and Singapore.

The new US President Joe Biden has ordered a comprehensive review of the government policy of his predecessor Trump. This also includes dealing with China. Basically, Biden wants to stick to the tough course of his predecessor towards the government in Beijing. The USA see the emerging great power as an ever increasing challenge.

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