Trump declaring that the strategy is to fight with coronavirus pratsyu

US President Donald Trump announcing with a pyatnitsa, working with the Big House group on the coronavirus to get “obvious signs of our aggressive strategy” to fight more extensively in the USA – there are a number of new problems. The President said about the price of the briefing to the White House.

The basic model of the e-mail is correlated with the situation in the situation, the transfer, as a result of the loss to the USA, is less than 100 thousand. Trump letting scho kraina get close to the peak of the infection, and since there is a certain amount of transmission and the transmission and the government will decline.

To understand the signs of the social distance and understanding of people who are praising and kraining, the situation has changed.

“We have a good form in a good deal.” We’ll be able to clean up the landlords, I’ll need to clean up my business … I don’t deny the long-distance calls to the governors in Denmark (I’ll help the president, – approx.

We’ve said that the United States leader Jerome Adams has said on Friday that the greater part of the USA will not be ready before turning to the wild grass regime of the 1st grass.

“The majority of the country will not be ready (before turning to the robotic mode of play – approx. GA), honestly it seems,” said Adams, “he’ll be part of it. So I’ll be able to come back, kid after kid, doctor for a date.” Dr. Deborah , the coordinator of the working group of the White House for the Crown, said that in New York there was an almost virvnyuvati curve of seizure, as well as an even greater loss of ownership in Italy.

Vlad has to take into account the lower frequency of hospitalization and the need for intensive therapy in New York – for the words of Birks, let’s say that you should go socially to yourself. Yak povidomila Birks, new hijackings infected to grow well in Boston and Chicago, at a similar pace, it seems to be stable.

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