Trump defeat in Wisconsin: recount gives Biden more lead


With a recount, US President Trump wanted to turn the election result in Wisconsin – but he does not succeed. The result should rather please his opponent Biden.

In the US, President Donald Trump has to accept another setback in his efforts to avert his election defeat retrospectively. The recounting of ballot papers in Wisconsin did not turn things around – on the contrary. His challenger Joe Biden even won a few dozen votes and remains the winner in the state he won with a 0.7 percent lead. A subsequent defeat would not have changed anything about his overall victory there. Such a close result allows a recount at the request of a party.

According to the local news portal “Milwaukee Journal Sentinel” Biden gained 132 votes, Trump a total of 45, which results in an increase of 87 votes for the election winner. With a total of three million votes cast, Biden now has a lead of 20,695 votes. The ballot papers were not re-counted across the state, only in the two constituencies with the highest democratic lead. There Trump’s Republicans are likely to have figured out the greatest chances of winning votes.

Another reason may have been the cost. This must be borne by the party requesting the recount. For the entire state, this would have cost eight million US dollars, but the party only had to pay three million dollars for the reduced version. With the result that has been available since Sunday, Trump’s chances of a subsequent election victory in the state are dwindling. According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, there are still two lawsuits pending. Trump himself tweeted on Saturday that many “illegal voices” had been found in Wisconsin and that another trial had been announced.

Trump maintains allegations

Despite similar setbacks in other states such as Georgia, the president has so far stuck to his allegations that there had been massive electoral fraud. He or his lawyers have failed to provide evidence. Nonetheless, his remarks catch hold of many Republicans, at least. A poll from early November showed that 70 percent of the partisans did not believe that the elections were “free and fair”.

Wisconsin sends ten voters to the Electoral College that will elect the next US president on December 14th. From a formal point of view, the November 3rd election only brought a decision about which candidate the electorate of a state should vote for. Biden had won 306 electoral votes, Trump 232. The incumbent has since announced that he will leave the White House if Biden was officially elected president, but he has not yet recognized Biden’s victory.

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