Trump hopes the economy eclipses other topics in the 2020 elections

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Economists and political analysts disagree on whether this slogan will help Trump.

As the senior editor and economist of the Mises Institute, Ryan McMaker, notes, since Clinton, everyone believed that this phrase is true.

“And for the most part it is,” the expert says, while warning that Trump was on one side of the cultural war, in which his predecessors did not have to fight. There is also a deep inter-party split in terms of consumer confidence.

James Petokukis, a political scientist at the American Institute of Entrepreneurship, also believes that putting the economy above all other factors is not worth it.

“Just a good economy does not guarantee re-election,” he is convinced. – People often recall the 2000 elections, which took place a year after a decade of strong economic growth, in all respects: be it GDP, jobs, or wage growth. And yet (Clinton’s vice president), Al Gore lost to George W. Bush. ”

McMakin wonders if Trump’s advocated economic gains in key fluctuating states, such as Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Ohio, that supported Trump in 2016, are sensible enough. Are they ready to vote for him again?

In general, according to Petokukis, “this is a good economy for the election campaign if you are Donald Trump.”

Trump, who is said to be worried about the direction the economy will move ahead of the November elections, is likely to call for further tax cuts, ratification of the trade agreement with Canada and Mexico, and will continue to put pressure on the Fed to push for interest rates.

“It seems that markets are adapting to Trump America. It might work in his favor, ”says McMaken.

Analysts note that leading candidates for the presidential nomination of the Democratic Party so far pay little attention to the economic platform.

However, most likely, attention to this issue will increase when in July next year the Democrats go to the party congress in Milwaukee and elect their official candidate.

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