Trump incites a pack: the mob triumphs


Donald Trump urges his supporters to march to the Capitol. The consequences are terrifying. The US has fallen deep.

There are images that make you stunned: The mob penetrates the heart of US democracy – they calmly pass police officers, pose for photos, loll in the chairs of members of parliament and senators, devastate offices, and take documents with them as trophies without being bothered by security forces. The representatives of democracy have fled. It is a triumph of the mob.

This is unbearable. That hurts. And it’s the result of an ominous alliance. This is what happens when cynical establishment representatives ally with the mob out of power calculation. Donald Trump is the perfect embodiment: rich, immoral, aggressive, boorish.

For years, the US President and large parts of the Republicans have undermined democracy. Trump mocks his opponents, lies shamelessly, uses his office for personal purposes, and spreads conspiracy theories. He despises democracy, questions the legitimacy of elections and incites his supporters.

This is exactly what Trump did again yesterday when he asked supporters to march on the Capitol. As they started moving, Republicans began their mendacious game in the building. They questioned the already officially confirmed results in states in which Joe Biden had prevailed against Trump – solely to ingratiate himself with Trump voters. You know very well that Trump legitimately lost the election. They know full well that they can only delay the confirmation of Biden’s victory in Congress. Even storming the Capitol did not stop them from continuing the charade after the mob withdrew.

Over the course of its history, the US has consistently succeeded in defending its democracy against internal threats. And it is to be hoped that it will succeed again. Because the voters have spoken their verdict: Biden will be the next president, the Democrats control both the Senate and the House of Representatives.

The images of the triumphant mob are the consequence of four years of Trump in the White House. They also stand for the fitting end to this presidency. But they also illustrate how great the threat remains. According to a survey, a clear majority of Americans condemn the intrusion. But almost half of Republicans have sympathy for the mob.

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