“Trump looks more and more like a beaten man”

“Trump looks more and more like a beaten man”

US media praise the calmer tone of the last TV duel between incumbent Donald Trump and challenger Joe Biden. But: “The contradiction in terms of content and vision could not have been more dramatic”.

So you can: President Donald Trump and his challenger Joe Biden attacked each other sharply on the matter and personally, but this time the TV duel did not sink into chaos. New rules and a little more reluctance from Trump allowed a real debate at times. You can see excerpts in the video or above here. The reactions of the US press:

CNN: Trump couldn’t change the race dramatically

“This was actually a real debate,” headlined the CNN station following the duel in Nashville, Tennessee. In contrast to the first debate, US voters this time had a chance to listen to the candidates and measure them against one another “without being distracted by Trump’s relentless interruptions,” wrote CNN. The President seemed to be working not to lose his temper. Nevertheless, the broadcaster concluded with a view to Trump’s performance: “He did not succeed in the decisive turn that he needs to dramatically change the course of the race.”

“Dramatic contradiction in terms of content and vision”

“The debate was by and large a more subdued affair than the first meeting between the two candidates,” wrote the New York Times. “But even if the tenor of the discussion on Thursday was calmer, the contradiction in terms of content and vision could not have been more dramatic.”

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“Fiery Exchange of Views”

The Wall Street Journal saw it similarly: “Both candidates delved deeper into political issues than when they first met.” Some issues, such as racism in the US, sparked a “fiery exchange of views”.

“Mute button wasn’t really necessary”

The broadcaster Fox News stressed that Trump and Biden refrained from interrupting each other this time. “The mute button wasn’t really necessary.”

The liberal Danish daily Politiken (Copenhagen) comments: “In reality, the best part of the debate was that not much happened. None of the candidates failed, there were no big surprises or political bombs, so the debate is unlikely to be dynamic and change the direction of the campaign. This is very good news for Joe Biden, who is well ahead of Trump in all polls. And very bad news for Donald Trump, who is looking more and more like a battered man. Both his rhetoric and body language have been far more defensive and his arguments and personal attacks more desperate. “

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